Photo Credit: Leonhard Niederwimmer from Pixabay

I am an English and Communication Trainer based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I have over five years experience teaching English, many more years in experience in communication, and have been working across Hessen for almost two years. My client list includes: Ferrero, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Post, Commerzbank, and more.

I am a CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) teacher through the University of Cambridge, “the gold standard teaching qualification”.

The communicative approach is my style of teaching. I focus on providing students with the ability to communicate in English based on their needs. Class is spent speaking as much as possible, which allows students to practice language expression.

English is the international language of the business world, and one of my first jobs was teaching to international students. This enabled me to incorporate a global perspective into my classes early on, which I continue to use. English isn’t just about being able to speak accurately, but having awareness of who you are speaking with and where they come from culturally. Every language and culture has a different communication style they bring to English when they are speaking.

I have taught English to international Bachelors and Master students of Tourism through the school of tourism,UFR ESTHUA, part of the University of Angers, France as a lectrice, a faculty position within French universities.

I also completed the French foreign language assistant program in a technical high school in Angers, France, as an English assistant with an extension for excellent performance in 2010. This professional program is organized through the French CIEP (the French Education Ministry of Education, now France Education International).