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English is the global language of business and to learn English you need an international approach. My experience living, working, teaching, and learning languages has helped me to create a unique style.

I offer a variety of services, which are all customized to fit my student’s needs.

  • English language courses
  • Private English language courses
  • Business communication coaching
  • Proof-reading and communication consulting

Please contact me directly regarding rates.

English Language Courses

Classes include two to eight participants. Students can be assessed on their English level before or during class on reading, writing, and spoken language. Levels are assessed according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR or CEFRL) which is the international standard for labeling language ability (ie. A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

Students then participate in the creation of a course program, which varies on the length of the course and their own needs. Additional lessons are included based on my assessment of their levels and needs. Students and/or management approve the programs. Programs are flexible, although they set clear goals for the course.

Students are provided with recommendations for resources, provided with lesson materials from credible institutions, as well as videos, audios, and games. Students are encourages to bring company materials or other relevant items in English to class for review and practice. All information, company practices, and other pertinent information is kept private by a non-disclosure agreement. 

Students can be assessed again at the end of the course. This does not require testing, but an additional assessment. The University of Cambridge estimates “200 guided classroom hours” are necessary to make the jump from one level to the next. That would take two years with a once-a-week class. Some of my students have made faster progression, although there are no sure short-cuts to language learning.

Private English Language Courses

The approach is similar to regular language courses. Private lessons allow for more intensive teaching, training, practice, and correction. Students are often able to progress faster because we can work on just their needs alone. 

Every student has a learning style, and a one-to-one lesson allows for each lesson to be created specifically for the student’s abilities and preferences.

Business Communication Coaching

Students who are already fluent in English often need refinement to their approach to speaking and communicating to be more effective. Globalism is here, and an international approach is required to get the most out of interactions with colleagues, clients, vendors, or new business. I have helped students to prepare for teleconferences, meetings, negotiations, presentations, and more. My courses help to build confidence, consider the audience, and effectively navigate many business situations.

Proof-reading and Communication Consulting

There is a lot of bad English out there. A lot of bad English could have been prevented by having an English trainer read over the text first and suggest changes. Websites, internal communications, company emails, media and publicity releases, and now, social media. In fact, the European Court of Auditors published a 60-page document in 2016 titled, “Misused English words and expressions in EU publications”. It is important to know your communications are accurate, allow me to help. 

Samantha is an excellent teacher, very motivated, who responds well to specific requests.



Der Kurs hat mich gut auf meinen zukünftigen Kontakt mit der Sprache vorbereitet.
Gelerntes läßt sich schon jetzt gut anwenden, Wortschatz nun fundiert als vorher !


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