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The Photography of Milton J. Friewald

I found a bunch of slides in a dumpster, and several years later for a project, I decided to figure out who was the man in pictures. Turns out he was quite a guy.
(student project: conception, copywriting, design & execution)

I discovered not only was he an unmarried, well-traveled, opthamology surgeon, he was included in Ripley's Believe It or Not for saving a man's eye. During World War II in a hospital in Vienna, he pulled a machine gun rod spring which was lodged several inches into a man's eye socket out, and 30 years later the man still had his 20/20 vision. The machine gun rod spring is now located in the Ripley's Museum in South Carolina.

I was never able to find relatives of his.

Souvenir case for Exhibition Book and Slides

Cover of Book - Hand Bound Hardcover


Orignal Photo from the surgery in Vienna.

Ripley's cartoon, which seems heavily based on the slide photo.

Before and after photos of the injured soldier.









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Philly, U.S.A. Angers, France