Mixed Media Art & Design


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Logo for a distribution and product placement enterprise.



Flyer for a tour featuring bars located in Paris.



Poster & ticket for annual celebration at the School of Tourism in Angers, France.



The Photography of Milton J. Friewald

I found a bunch of slides in a dumpster, and several years later for a project, I decided to figure out who was the man in pictures. Turns out he was quite a guy.
(student project: conception, copywriting, design & execution)



Atlantic Quilt Fair

Logo, Poster & Tri-fold for a trade show.
(student project: design & execution)


Photography of the Universal Exposition, 1900

This souvenir exposition book features hand-colored images from the World Fair,
as well as text in both English and French.
(student project: conception, design, translation & execution)



Prison Bar

Restaurant identity that answers the question,
what if you dinner experience was more like a night in the joint?
(student project: conception, copywriting, design & execution)


Down & Dirty

A tour and coffee table book of the greatest sites in Philadelphia: dive bars.
(student project: conception, copywriting, design & execution)



Hair - Pop Culture Book

A collection of photos based on the evolution of women's hair, between 1900 and 1920.
(student project: conception, design, text, & execution)



Go Ape with Grapes! - Invitation

An invitation, complete with envelope and reply card design for a benefit wine tasting event for The Philadelphia Zoo .
(student project: conception, design, & execution)


shepard fairey

Shepard Fairey - Magazine

Layout design for a feature article in a magazine for the grafitti artist
and deisgner behind Obey and the Obama 'Hope' poster.
(student project: conception, design & execution)









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Philly, U.S.A. Angers, France