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I've had many blogs over the years. It was always because I enjoyed sharing my writing with others. Some of them are now defunct, but they are still quite humorous to read, and now those that are no longer active are like strange time capsules of whatever I was into at the time. The most recent one, is still active, as I use it for teaching in France.


This came as an idea from having too many things to tell my students in class, and not enough time. I later started the blog with reference materials, but it later evolved to full updates of what we covered in class, to reviews provided before exam time and a great place to post last minute information for my students. I think it's been a success.


BIKE BARINGS: Grin, shift, and bare it

I wanted to document not just my love for bikes, but for the little known facts about the history of biking and its culture. Its so vast and so varied. I'll probably resurect this someday.



When I moved to France in 2009, I was a bit concerned my B.F.A. would go to waste if I did't keep practicing design in some sense. So, I decided to document my funny experiences in France, learning a new language, and traveling in the form of a blog. I also digitally illustrated whatever crazy story I was writing that week, and also attempted (poorly) to write in French. I still really like the illustrations.



Why hello there, 2008. This was a project started with a friend and I before blogs were cool to document design we liked, but also just absurd things that happen in the world every single day. It was quite popular amongst our friends at the time.






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