Mixed Media Art & Design


I was raised in a small town, if you can call it that, Dryville, lost in the woods in Pennsylvania. For the past three years, I have been living in Angers, France (pronounced ON - JAY, soft 'J'). I finished my B.F.A. in Graphic and Interactive Design, at a lovely little place called Tyler School of Art, part of the monstrous Temple University in Philadelphia. My two passions are traveling and art, even if I only took a plane for the first time at age 18. I really like to listen to music really loud and go bike riding, although, I don't approve of doing the two at the same time. My favorite artists of all time are Marcel Duchamp, Van Gogh, El Greco, Darger, and Andy Warhol. I love the comedy of life and to cook.

Things that I like and influence me every day are: elephants, horses and horse races, talking about aliens and cults, French wines, the open-air markets in France, le belote (French card game), Risk and board games, watching movies and documentaries on other cultures, learning other languages (French and Spanish at the moment), working on my bike and going on bike rides, telling funny stories that are too long, hiding in strange places, New York and Chicago, making sushi and mountains of pad-thai, micro-brews, and more than anything, my fiancé, family, and friends.






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Philly, U.S.A. Angers, France